Inter-Pacific Bar Association 26th Annual Meeting & Conference

Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA)

After three decades, this regional conference featuring business and commercial lawyers who live in, or otherwise have a strong interest in, the Asia-Pacific Region was held in Malaysia for the first time in 2016. The 2-day paying conference (with two pre-conference event days and one post-conference meeting) drew over 950 international delegates, 293 speakers and 22 exhibitors or sponsors.

Keynote Speeches were delivered by His Royal Highness Sultan Nazrin Shah, the Ruler of the State of Perak, Malaysia as well as by His Excellency, the Ambassador Roberto Azevêdo (Director-General of the World Trade Organization). A special pre-conference exhibition was held a year earlier at IPBA 2015 Hong Kong to promote IPBA 2016 KL, while a large number of dinners, parties and receptions were had in conjunction with the event, along with a special golfing event.

Scope: VIP. Venue. F&B. Budget. Speakers. Sponsors. Exhibitors. Registration. Website. Payment Portal. Email. Collaterals. Premiums. Design. Décor. Audio Visual. Set Up. Onsite Resources.  Accommodation. Transfer.

International Conference on Financial Crime and Terrorism Financing (IFCTF)

Asian Institute of Finance (AIF)
2013 - 2017

Proudly organised by Crystal Edge from 2013-2017, IFCTF is a premier global conference event that explores current and new trends in financial crime, the next generation of detection and technological capabilities expected of anti-financial crime professionals around the world.

The two-day paying conference, with up to nine concurrent sessions, has seen strong growth in its contingent of delegates, from 350 in its first edition to 800 delegates in 2017, as it continues to attract top international experts and industry specialists in the rapidly growing sphere of financial crime and terrorism financing.

Scope: Conference Theme Design, Online & On-site Registration, Microsite, Payment Portal, Telemarketing, Email, Budget, Venue, F&B, Dinner Management, Networking Session, VIP, Speakers Management, Accommodation, Transfers, Exhibition & Sponsor Management, Décor, Premiums, Collaterals, Audio Visual, Setup, Onsite Resources, Project Management, Post Event

IIAM 2016 National Conference

Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM)

Crystal Edge organised the IIAM Conference for seven years from 2010 to 2016. This innovative conference that covers cutting-edge topics relevant to the industry has seen more than 1000 delegates attending the 2-day paying event that features four concurrent sessions daily.

The national event attracted 30 speakers and over 24 sponsors and exhibitors, featuring a keynote address by Tan Sri Haji Ambrin bin Buang, the Auditor General in the National Audit Department. Running alongside the event were networking sessions, a welcome reception and a gala dinner.

Scope: VIP. Venue. F&B. Budget. Website. Entertainment. Audio Visual Set Up. Onsite Resources.

MAHB Concessionaires Conference

Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad
2010 - 2016

This special annual travel retail conference held in Malaysia, which targets MAHB retail stakeholders, was organised by Crystal Edge from 2010-2016. This one day event saw the annual participation of over 350 delegates and featured an awards presentation at its conclusion.

Over the years, many internationally renowned industry speakers have attended, including Mr. Bruce Sullivan, Author & Business Leader; Orvel Ray Wilson, Certified Professional Speaker and Guerrilla Sales Trainer; Mr. Max Heinemann, Chief Executive Officer, Heinemann Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.; and Mr. Jonathan Yabut, The Apprentice Asia Winner, Season 1, Managing Director, JY Consultancy & Ventures

Scope: Conference Theme. Agenda. Speakers. Venue. Audio Visual. Registration. Email. Telemarketing. Video. Post Production. Premiums. Creatives. Design. Activities. Set Up. Onsite Resources.  Awards. Post Event.   

Aspect Customer Experience (A.C.E.) Conference

2009 - 2016

A 3D2N destination event, the A.C.E. Conference has attracted close to 160-200 pax in each of its seven previous editions. The annual incentive conference has been held in a number of exotic locations around Asia, including KL, Singapore, Bangkok, Phuket, Bali and Ho Chi Minh city.

Crystal Edge has managed all aspects of this event both on- and off-site for nine years. Our all-encompassing role has included venue sourcing, online and offline management, souvenir and gift production, signage creation and full hospitality and activities management at destination.

Scope: Project Management. Exhibition & Sponsor Management. Venue Sourcing. Hospitality. Microsite. Registration. Opening Gambit. Networking Session. Gala & Off-site Dinners. Entertainment. Audio Visual. Design. Production. Premiums. Set Up. Onsite Resources.

Estee Lauder Conference & Incentive Trip

Estee Lauder
2012 - 2014

Held for three years from 2012-2014, this 4D3N annual event was held around the Asia-Pacific region, namely at Bangkok, Phuket and Seoul. Featuring 380-400 pax in two groups that arrived back-to-back, this Education Conference for the esteemed Travel Retail Group was a resounding success in all three editions.

Crystal Edge handled all aspects of the event and project management, including venue sourcing, AV production, meet-&-greet organisation, team building activities, off-site dinners & entertainment.

Scope: Project Management. Team Building. Venue Sourcing. Hospitality. Registration. Gala & Off-site Dinners. Entertainment. Audio Visual. Design. Production. Premiums. Set Up. Onsite Resources.

Johnson & Johnson Asean Sales & Training Meeting

Johnson & Johnson

Held in 2013, the J&J Asean Meeting for its Sales staff was a jam-packed 4D3N affair that featured 370 delegates and included three types of inland tours for all attendees.

Crystal Edge fully managed all details of this conference, including hospitality management, communication creative design and even the tour organisation.

Scope: Accommodation. Hospitalities. Transfers. Dinners. Entertainment. Activities. Excursions. Venue. Audio Visual. F&B. Videos. Invitation. Design. Emails. Registration. Production. Handouts. Onsite Resources. Post Event

Microsoft Tech Ed

2003, 2006 - 2008

One of the most highly anticipated tech conferences to have been held in Malaysia, Microsoft Tech.Ed was typically a 4D2N affair attracting over 1,800 inquisitive minds from all over Asia and around the world. Crystal Edge provided end-to-end conference management for seven annual editions of this event, along with implementing the overall pre-event campaign and promotions.

In its last edition, Tech.Ed featured 55 exhibitors and sponsors, along with a record 49 breakout sessions and 100 speakers.

Scope: Online & Onsite Registration. Speaker Management. Sponsorship Management. Venue and technical setup. Tech setup for ComNet Centre. Exhibition Management. Opening Gambit. Conference activities.

General Electric Day (Singapore)

General Electric (GE)

This special inaugural event was held 2008 in Singapore and showcased GE’s full suite of business solutions, with the agenda encompassing a conference, a town hall, exhibitions, customer sessions and even a family fiesta – all in a single event held on one day with CEOs & Ministers as Guests of Honor.

Crystal Edge provided end-to-end project management for this event, from exhibition build up and creative concept & development to show activities, VIP protocols, conference sessions and others.

Scope: Project Management. Exhibition & Sponsor Management. Venue Sourcing. Hospitality. Microsite. Registration. Opening Gambit. Networking Session. Business Sessions. Entertainment. Audio Visual. Design. Creative Concept. Production. Premiums. Set Up. Onsite Resources.

Imagine Cup 2010


Considered as the “Olympics of Technology”, the Microsoft Imagine Cup is an annual competition that brings together student developers worldwide to help resolve some of the world’s toughest challenges. Crystal Edge is proud to have been the event organizer during the year in which the finals were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We fully managed many aspects of the competition – from marketing, communications, venue sourcing, judging management, competition management, selection rounds & presentations as well as the final awards ceremony with Steve Ballmer as the Guest of Honor.

Scope: Project Management. Competition Management. Venue Sourcing. Hospitality. Microsite. Registration. Audio Visual. Design. Set Up. Onsite Resources.

Executive Itinerary of Bill Gates

1998, 2000, 2004

Microsoft founder Bill Gates first visited Kuala Lumpur in 1998, at a time when he topped the Forbes World’s Richest Men list and his visit was completely organized and managed by Crystal Edge. His itinerary included visiting the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Mahathir Mohamed, speaking to the Malaysian Cabinet and unveiling his plans for the future.

He also subsequently visited KL in 2000 and 2004, with both visits also being comprehensively and efficiently managed by Crystal Edge.

Scope: Executive Itinerary and Hospitality Management. Press Conferences. VIP meetings. Meeting with the Prime Minister’s Office. Logistics. Resources.

Executive Itinerary of Steve Ballmer


During the visit of the then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer to Malaysia in 2010, Crystal Edge was engaged to manage the overall security and itinerary of his appointed visitation to the Malaysian Prime Minister’s Office and other government agencies.

This included working in collaboration with the Microsoft Corporate Security team in all aspects of planning, liaising with relevant police and security agencies and application and management of his private jet landing permits with MAHB, among other general aspects of event management.

Scope: Executive Itinerary Management. Press Conferences. VIP meetings. Meeting with the Prime Minister’s Office. Project Management. Hospitality. Logistics. Other Resources.

Road Safety Program

2016 - 2017

An annual event that started in 2011, Crystal Edge has managed the Petron Safety Program since 2016. This CSR program is aimed to raise road safety awareness amongst all lecturers and university students by engaging them in safety talks, games & activities. Via collaboration with meaningful partners such as JKJR, JPJ, Goodyear and Nestle (amongst others), the 2016 event garnered 5,000 participants from eight universities, while 2017 saw 7,000 participants from seven universities.

Crystal Edge is proud to have been responsible for engaging relevant partners and universities, ideating and implementing activities and event collaterals, along with end-to-end event management for the entire campaign.

Scope:  Venue. Partners. Engagement. Activities. Collaterals. Universities. Premiums. Design. Set Up. Onsite Resources. Registration. Emails. SMS. Opening Gambit. Manpower Management.

Vision Petron

2014 - 2017

Having commenced since 2013, Crystal Edge took over the event management reins from 2014 for Vision Petron, another CSR program from Petron that engages artistic expression to foster nation building. Celebrating its 5th Anniversary in 2017, the week-long event was held in 1 Utama and drew close to 1,000 student submissions for its three categories of Art Painting, Photography & Videography.

In our scope as end-to-end event managers, Crystal Edge was responsible for engaging partners and universities, managing the judging process as well as ideating and implementing activities and design collaterals.

Scope: Contest Management. Workshops. Awards Ceremony. Exhibition. Venue. Partners. Engagement. Activities. Collaterals. Universities. Premiums. Website. Registration. Telemarketing. Emails. SMS. Opening Gambit. Audio Visual. Design. Production. Set Up. Resources.