Road Safety Program

2016 - 2017

An annual event that started in 2011, Crystal Edge has managed the Petron Safety Program since 2016. This CSR program is aimed to raise road safety awareness amongst all lecturers and university students by engaging them in safety talks, games & activities. Via collaboration with meaningful partners such as JKJR, JPJ, Goodyear and Nestle (amongst others), the 2016 event garnered 5,000 participants from eight universities, while 2017 saw 7,000 participants from seven universities.

Crystal Edge is proud to have been responsible for engaging relevant partners and universities, ideating and implementing activities and event collaterals, along with end-to-end event management for the entire campaign.

Scope:  Venue. Partners. Engagement. Activities. Collaterals. Universities. Premiums. Design. Set Up. Onsite Resources. Registration. Emails. SMS. Opening Gambit. Manpower Management.